Posted: 19 October 2015
When I started my current job, it was the first time in eight years I needed to catch a bus to work. On a good day it took an hour and ten minutes to get to my office; usually just shy of an hour and a half. It was a pleasant delineation between home and work, were it not for the time it ate. ...more
Posted: 27 September 2015
Amid the packing and unpacking of boxes, and the inevitably-abating attempts to clear out the baggage that clutters up my wardrobe, I occasionally run across a snippet in a notebook that I don’t remember writing. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised how good it is. It’s a practice thing I guess. I wrote more then than I do now, and it shows. ...more
Posted: 09 August 2015
I wrote this a long time ago, and never posted it. It fits with a few themes I'm exploring right now, so worth revisiting. ...more
Posted: 08 August 2015
Casting around for a place to sit and process after a movie, I remembered Moustache was near us - a place that can most accurately be described as an artisanal milk & cookies cafe. We ordered our cookies and hot chocolate. My companion railed briefly at how “hipsterish” the shop was. ...more
Posted: 22 March 2015
I love my byline, but I’ve experienced a pang of guilt every time I’ve seen it written down over the last couple of years. The megabyting has generally taken care of itself, mainly because if I don’t code then I don’t get paid. The fighting and the writing trickled off into eternal tomorrow. ...more
Posted: 02 September 2010
It's raining, I have the hip hop music on the itunes, coffee and toast with freshly-made lemon curd (made by me, even), and am indulging in the fun part of the software development life cycle (yes, there is one, at least in Heatherland). There's leftover rogan josh (made by me!) in the fridge. ...more
Posted: 01 December 2009
The family eulogy, written & presented November 26th, 2009 Hi, I'm Heather, Colleen's eldest daughter. Today I'm speaking on behalf of Colleen's husband, Bill, and the children - Peter, Sheryl and myself. ...more
Posted: 12 November 2009
Two characteristics stand out in this house, even now. I assume its shape and composition contribute to the strange noises in the night. Of course my apartment exhibits its fair share of creaks and crashes, but it takes a lot to compete with the city's constant white noise, and brick buildings don't subject us to gunshot bangs from the rafters. ...more