Like most aspiring somethings, I harbour ever-present grand plans of overhauling my web presence; transforming it into a mighty virtual empire, connected and collated into a representation of my life's achievements. Granted, at that point, the sum total of my life's achievements may very well be a mighty virtual empire. I guess I could just hang mirrors on opposing walls of my bedroom.

Anyway, in a perhaps retrograde step, I've reinstated the favourite of all my blog layouts, and set up cross-posting to livejournal. Oh wow, see her go!

In other news, I have a cool job. In recent years, I've noticed that people at parties feign far greater interest in my work (in comparison to the bad old days of "oh, you must be very clever", and "that stuff goes right over my head"). When I was writing software for real estate agents (really), I had a simple one-line explanation down pat, but the people-at-parties would demand greater and greater detail, until the point the conversation got too unenlightening to bother continuing - like a sneeze that was never going to come.

BUT NOW, I can say "I make websites". Soon I'll be enthusiastically seeking out computers at parties and surfing 'em in to show off. I'll go from being the most unwillingly boring person at the party to the most enthusiastically boring person at the party. "See that big button? See how it changes colour when you mouse over it? I DID THAT!"