Posted: 08 November 2009
After a lie-in, I spent the morning padding about the house in my pyjamas and my mother's slippers, mopping the floor and scraping dog hair off the sofa, while Dad mowed the lawn. Such is the pastoral lifestyle. Mum's back in hospital, after being finally strong-armed into calling up her nurse & describing her symptoms - fever & rigors coming & going over a period of 10 days. ...more
Posted: 01 November 2009
Although I've had lots of fascinating trajectories on which to lapse lyrical over the last couple of years, the final step - the act of sitting down and writing - has been repelled, very much as two magnets' like poles drive each other away. On those rare occasions I've written something, re-reading it has been a similar trial. ...more
Posted: 27 September 2009
Like most aspiring somethings, I harbour ever-present grand plans of overhauling my web presence; transforming it into a mighty virtual empire, connected and collated into a representation of my life's achievements. Granted, at that point, the sum total of my life's achievements may very well be a mighty virtual empire. I guess I could just hang mirrors on opposing walls of my bedroom. ...more
Posted: 15 September 2009
I've just been trawling through an old friend's livejournal, back six years to when we met. Posts that refer to me and comments I left trigger my own landmarks, and remind me of my own timeline in Auckland. ...more
Posted: 08 October 2008
Up until last month, I was a fan in a bubble - even the friend who loaned me "Infinite Jest" and "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" could not have moved further away without becoming an astronaut. ...more